Customized Loyalty & Reward Software that fulfill your needs

The TeQloyalty is one only solution for your any kind of loyalty program for your business.

Create a Any type of Loyalty Programmes as per you need


It's work Single Store / Multi Store Options


B2B(Company Employee) Loyalty Programmes


Feature of Multi Currency

Flexible, Robust, Reliable and highly secure Loyalty System

No transaction fees
We do not charge any transaction fees because we want you to grow your loyal customer base and your brand. We allow unlimited transaction for your business without any hidden fee and cost.
Data ownership
You own all of the data on your program. This makes it difficult to leave your loyalty provider if you choose to go somewhere else in the future. We believe your data should be yours.
Export transactions
TeQloyalty makes it easy to export customers or customer transactions into your loyalty program. Whether you are migrating to TeQloyalty from another provider and want to preserve your data.

Unlimited Rule options / Discount

You can manage unlimited offer , schemes , store wise, season wise, visit wise etc

Customise Accumulation /Redemption Rules

Setup accumulation & redeem rules as per store, programs, membership like Gold, Sliver, and Bronze, visits, reach max spend, by product etc.

Event Types –Get reward a customer for an event visit

Max Visit – Get a free burger with cold coffee

Have you earn Max 4000 Points – Get Reward Cash Back R100

Swipe Maximum your card in the store and get FREE parking

Join Membership like Gold, Silver, Bronze