Control Your Loyalty / Reward Programe

Your Loyalty / Reward program always have control by you anywhere, anytime. You can access everything from any platform. You are not getting much traffic , change your program and flyers immediately …

Customer Management

View customer details, check balances, create customer, Rule for your VIP customers, and export / import your customers to excel.

Employee access control

You decide employee access and privileges. Your real-time reporting tool lets you review employee transactions so you can see what everyone's doing!

Target Marketing

Easy to segment customers and send meaningful communications. Find out who your best customers are, or who hasn't been back in a while and send them an email.

Online enrollment

It's easy for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program online via their computer, tablet, or smartphone, plus perform a quick balance lookup.

Manage you customer and their loyalty program’s , Cards


Use our powerful card management features to take care of your customers

Single Loyalty Card – Earn Multiple Stored Values

Single card can store cash, points or unlimited custom values. Each purse (wallet) can be used at a single location or many. This gives you GREAT feature from your competitors.

Customer Join

Customer Join via your visit store or your E-commerce site , customer will earn some points . System will be store customer basic information for use for marketing tool like Date of birth, Customer Anniversary etc.

Get Referral with positive word of mouth

The best way to advertising is a positive word from existing loyal customers. Loyal customers market your brand of your business.

Increase customer spending

The Best way , add extra points on slow moving products demand or off-peak days to increase more visit and spending..

Card Types Accepted

Magstripe, Barcode, QR Code, Bank Cards, Virtual Cards or Mobile Numbers. Not sure if your card will work, please contact your sales representative.