What is a loyalty program?
A loyalty program is a system of structured rewards given to customers, usually in exchange for desired behaviors, with the goals of increasing customer loyalty and collecting customer data. Loyalty programs use the psychological principles of reciprocity, commitment and loss aversion to increase the likelihood of customer loyalty.
What do the best loyalty programs offer?
The best loyalty programs are ones that fit your business model and make sense to you and your customers. The best loyalty programs are easy to use, can measure results, include lots of features, and are affordable. When researching loyalty programs, you will want to identify any restrictions such as allowed number of customers on the program, transaction fees, hidden fees, and rights to your customer data. The best loyalty programs are ones that are flexible and will grow with your business.
Can I run a loyalty program and a gift card program for the same store?
Yes you can, you are able to run any number of programs across your store(s).
Why do I need a loyalty program?
Here are a few reasons why you need a loyalty program: Draw more traffic to your store and website Increase customer retention Increase customer spending Gain valuable customer insight Realize and anticipate sales trends Become a stronger competitor.
We have already a loyalty program, can we use your tools?
Definitely .Yes you can. We can import your existing customers data and cards for you and combine them with any new cards you issue.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major visa cards / master cards / NEFT / Paypal
How you get refunds?
We are giving you 30 days trail to test with full functionality to build relation on trust.
Is my data private and secure?

Absolutely! You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is stored with multiple secure managed servers, includes a load balancer that makes sure a server is always available, even if one crashes, hardware firewalls, instant data replication across all servers, 24 hour surveillance and restricted access, 256-bit high grade encryption, backup UPS and diesel generators, and CISP compliance to meet the highest standards in the industry.