Customer Loyalty & Rewards Management

We have sophisticated system for your customer loyalty programs and it can be 100% customized as per your business demand.

We have more than 15 year’s expertise to Software Development in Retails Industry. We have invent the good product for Retailers Customer Loyalty & Reward Program called ‘TeQLoyalty’.

This product is very effective to increase the sales and very much helpful to connect Retailers & their customer. They can setup their own loyalty/gift program, accumulation / redemption in multiple stores. They can easily track record of their customer purchase value and their behavior.

The TeQloyalty is robust , reliable and highly secure system and it can be connect with any existing system like (POS system, Invoicing system, desktop application , E-commerce , Web application etc. )


TeQloyalty is product of TeQstudio Pvt. Ltd. It has very much cost effective global customer loyalty program.

TeQstudio guarantees 100% satisfaction, banking on our esteemed team of developers & designers who have a vision for future that traverses through uncompromising quality and innovation. Our experts ensure that there isn’t a banal element in our solutions and adopting them creates an enduring value for our client’s enterprise.

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